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1 1 SUMMARY The GEP-GR1507 will bring greater efficiency and explosive power to the 3-inch and 4-inch models. Extending the efficient cooling profile of 1507 increases the cooling performance of the motor by 20%.Using 7075 aviation aluminum material to maintain the impact resistance of the motor, N52H tile magnet, Japan NSK bearing, quality assurance.3 KV […]


1 1 SUMMARY The Micro-FPV quads gives players a lot of fun, but the power is also being upgraded. The new GEP-GR1206 will be a stronger power output. GR1206 will have 3 KV options to meet players’ needs for different situations.The 4500KV is recommended with 3-inch propeller and 3~4S battery.The 6000KV is recommended with 2.5~3 […]


1 1 SUMMARY After two months of testing optimization, GEP-GR2207 was finally produced. The exterior still USES the four-sided structure of GR2306, which is durable and beautiful. GR2207 is made of advanced materials, including NSK bearings, 7075 aluminum, high precision CNC, N52H arc magnets, etc. GR2207 provides 3 kv, which is 1900kv, 2400kv and 2700kv […]


1 1 SUMMARY GEP-GR1106 is a small motor designed by our GEPRC team for interior design, which have three kv choice. It’s 4500kv, 6000kv, 7500kv. Each KV has its own usage and collocation.4500kv is recommended to use 2-3 inch propeller, 3-4s battery.6000kv is recommends 2-2.5 inch propeller, 2-3s battery.7500kv is recommends 1.9-2.5 inch propeller, 2s […]


1 1 SUMMARY GEP-GR2306 is the enamored production of our GEPRC. It passes our performance test in all aspects, and it can meet our extreme requirement on the parameter of the appearance of the electrical machine totally. Its elaborate appearance processing makes our eyes light up and we believe that the strong and steady power […]


1 1 SUMMARY GEP-GR1408 motor is GEPRC’s newly developed brushless motor specially designed for 3inch propeller, a highly efficient and powerful motor, incorporating many new features and quality material throughout and is available in three versions – 3500kv, 3750K and 4100Kv to cater to the most demanding of flyers. The GEP-GR1408 motor features a new […]

GR2205 2300KV

GEP-GR2205 2300kv Racer Edition Motor, We studied a lot of flying habits. Motor most of the accelerator will be in the range of 60-90%, So the power of the motor is very important, So we use magnetic N45SH label, SH model with high magnetic loss characteristics, can let the motor to ensure high-speed running off […]