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1 1 SUMMARY New GEP – Mark 1 is a multifaceted perfect FPV four axis fly frame, with high performance of Freestyle flying and excellent ability of racing.  The fuselage design, on the structure are X, we designed the machine arm isn’t completely symmetrical. This is without changing the X structure, strengthen the fuselage hardness […]

GEP-IX5 Fairy

1 1 SUMMARY GEP-IX5, is our new frame, called “Fairy”. 5 inch props, wheelbase is 200mm. “Fairy” is suitable for racing, the “True X” structure, wheelbase only the 200mm,  the 5 inch props. Tail lights integrated 6 bright LED tail lights and the buzzer. LED tail lights support that FC (Betaflight / CleanFlight) control the […]


Summary:Extremely light, carbon plate + screws + aluminum column weight 78g. All equipment to take off weight in 250g or so. This is what we design the frame of the soul of all. The main frame is the 3mm thickness of the machine arm. It’s a good choice for a team competition. Of course, we […]


Break the normal procedure in the classic,GEPRC new Frame of “X” design. The arm is fixed with aluminum alloy parts, Removing and installing is very easy. High strength fixation ,very nice.New PDB(5V 3A output,12V 500mA output) and XT60 , Saves the power line to lighten the weight. It is worth mentioning that the tail integrated […]


1 1 SUMMARY Yes, small models. Wheelbase 130mm. We made the small frame into the “X” structure. Focus point concentration, Flexible turning. With 1306 motor and 3 inch propeller, and then a 4S battery, will achieve a perfect flight experience, We try to find a small, 130mm is a very good wheelbase, so as not […]


3K hardness of carbon plateMotherboard for the 3K one plate, the thickness of 3MM, strong and durableIncludes a plate (BEC 5V and 12V out), a tail plate (combination taillights, a CCD aluminum plate) lens plate (strong)Lens angle can be adjusted, the maximum angle of 45 degreesThe overall layout is reasonable, the installation is simple and […]