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1 1 SUMMARY This is a frame designed for Freestyle, called “Mark2”. After repeated design adjustment and testing, finally finished, let us present to you. Although Mark2 is a regular rectangular frame, it still wants you to know its design features. A lot of mechanical shapes are added to the design, and the whole is […]

GEP-KX5 Elegant

1 1 SUMMARY Our team keeps thinking that how to make a rack which is balanced both in competition and freestyle. Perhaps, GEP-KX5 can make you feel the good balance by its new and fresh design. GEP-KX5 is wished to be designed as a rack which is quite elegant and graceful. This is the reason […]

GEP-HX2 Hummingbird

1 1 SUMMARY Hummingbird, Small body, Speed and agility! This is the GEP-HX2, nicknamed Hummingbirds, wheelbase 110 mm, for 2 inch props, You can flight in the small place, GEP-HX2 is very like a hummingbird, At least that’s what our team thinks. GEP-HX2 layout TRUE-X, So the pilot can easy any action, Prefect racing.GEP-HX2 full […]


1 1 SUMMARY The frame is gep-tsx5, Named Viper. GEP-TSX5 is made of 3K Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame plates and the Grand 12.9 YFS screw. The Stretch-X made it more adapted to the Racing. Our design teams decide to use 5mm(thickness) x 9mm(width) Arm to overcome wind resistance effectively. The motor seat is redesigned to […]


1 1 SUMMARY The sparrow, yes, he is called the sparrow. The sparrow is small all-sided. GEP-MX is a mini frame. We call it little sparrows, small and flexible. Sparrow best apply 3nch blade, there will be two versions. GEP-MX3(True X) is suitable for all kinds of action, GEP-MSX (Stretch X) suitable for racing, Move […]


1 1 SUMMARY The leopard, natural predators, running at a staggering rate This is GEP – LSX5, Leopard(GEP-LX) derivatives, ‘S’ mean is stretching. This is more suitable for competition. High-speed forward flight and rapid roll have more advantages. GEP-LSX respectively with three kinds of specifications.GEP-LSX4 wheelbase 205 mm, suitable for 4inch propeller. GEP-LSX5 wheelbase 230 […]

GEP-LX Leopard

1 1 SUMMARY The leopard, natural predators, running at a staggering rate This is the GEP-LX, also called ‘Leopard’, There are three kinds of specifications respectively. 4inch(wheelbase 195mm), 5inch(wheelbase 220mm), 6inch(wheelbase 255mm). The fuselage low center of gravity design. The machine use 3k ultra-light carbon plate + Aviation aluminum # 7075 body. To strengthen the […]


1 1 SUMMARY Why do we have to develop this frame? We often think, how can I make a good performance, firm structure, is suitable for racing, also can very good complete freestyle action frame, we also have reference on the market some of the design of a good frame, we also have a try, […]

GEP-RX5 Hawk

1 1 SUMMARY Hawk, The dive speed of the prey is exciting.This is the Hawk, The model name is GEP-RX5. Wheelbase 210mm, can be used for 5 inch propeller. “True X”Structure. This design is not difficult to see that the first two and two arm arm horizontal staggered, this helps to reduce turbulence, increase the […]

GEP-TX5 Chimp

1 1 SUMMARY This we all call him Chimp, model is GEP-TX. Careful players can see, GEP-VX and our Chimp is the same series of products, the appearance of a bit like a big brother GEP-VX. Chimp is a frame that can take the Gopro camera. Structure of “X Ture”. Applicable to freestyle and competition, […]

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