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SPAN F4 Tower

1 1 SUMMARY Integrate flight control, ESC and VTX together to reduce assembly time, better layout and less interference.SPAN Tower is developed based on this idea. It includes FC(F405),ESC40A, VTX 5.8g 25/200/600mw. It’s really exciting and it reduces the time it takes to install it.The heat problem is that this design is the most difficult. […]


1 1 SUMMARY Stable F4 MiniTower is the solution of the tower structure designed by our team specially for the micro drone FPV, Integrated flight control, esc, VTX.It has been updated to V1.2, very stable. The firmware is relatively mature based on the flight control design of OMNIBUS/ OMNIBUSf4SD (Betaflight). The Stable Mounting Hole is […]