GEPRC Triple Feed Patch-1 5.8GHz CP FPV Antenna (PR-SMA Male)

SKU: GEPRC Triple Feed Patch-1 (PR-SMA Male)



Center frequency: 5.8 GHz
Bandwidth: 660 MHZ (5.47-6.13ghz)
Match: S11 < -20 dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at the center frequency)
Axial ratio: < 1.3
DBi antenna gain: 9.4
Half power beam width: 55 ° (horizontal and vertical)
Radiation efficiency: 83.5%
These values are based on simulation and the actual measurements are as follows (they are very similar).
Due to the change of the FR4 dielectric constant, the center frequency may be transferred between batches.
And not all FR4 brands have the same dielectric constant.
The frequency conversion to 100 MHz is normal.

Additional information

Dimensions 150 x 150 x 60 mm


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