Elegant BNF

SKU: Elegant-BNF
  • Carbon:Full 3K carbon fiber Twill
  • CNC:High precision CNC 7075
  • MCU: STM32F405
  • MPU: MPU6000
  • ESC: 40A * 4  BLHeli_s (Dshot 150/300/600) support 2~5S LiPo
  • VTX:5.8GHz (48 Channel) (OFF/25/200/600mW)
  • Include Frsky R-XSR Receiver



Elegant is a competition and freestyle Quadcopter that USES the GEP5040x3 propeller. The biggest feature is the center of gravity of the battery, which increases overall flight balance. After assembly and debugging by the GEPRC team, the binding can fly.

Elegant BNF/PNP integrated device is very nice. Include GEP-HKX5 frame, GR2306 2450kv motors, GEP5040 3blade propeller, SPAN F4 40A Tower(F405 flight controller, ESC BLHeli_s 40A, VTX 5.8Ghz 0/25/200/600mW), Pagoda2 RHCP antenna, Runcam Swift2 2.1mm camera, The overall coordination is very consistent, suitable for freestyle or racing.

We are offer two version PNP(without receiver) and BNF(with Frsky receiver).


Manual PDF Download



  • Brand Name: GEPRC
  • Model: Elegant
  • Wheelbase: 230mm
  • Firmware: betaflight_3.2.5_OMNIBUSF4SD
  • Input Voltage: support 2-5S Lipo
  • Motor:GR2306 2450kv
  • Propeller:GEP5040*3 (10 pairs)
  • Weight: 348 grams without battery or props
  • Receiver: Frsky R-XSR (ONLY BNF INCLUDE)



  • Carbon:Full 3K carbon fiber Twill
  • CNC:High precision CNC 7075
  • Wheelbase: 230mm
  • Thickness of bottom plate: 2mm
  • Thickness of side plate: 1.5mm
  • Thickness of arms plate:4mm


Flight Controller: SPAN F4 Tower AIO

  • MCU: STM32F405
  • MPU: MPU6000
  • ESC: 40A * 4  BLHeli_s (Dshot 150/300/600) support 2~5S LiPo
  • VTX:5.8GHz (48 Channel) (OFF/25/200/600mW)


You might need the following equipment to fly

  • Remote control: You can choose: Frsky X9d or something like that
  • Goggle: Such as FatShak V2 or something like that
  • Battery: The novice recommends using the 3s 1300-1800mah battery. Professional flying professionals recommend 4s 1300mah-1800mah


Important! Since ESC is installed backwards, to do channel mapping, please enter the following code every time you refresh the firmware:

# resources
resource MOTOR 1 A03
resource MOTOR 2 A02
resource MOTOR 3 B00
resource MOTOR 4 B01



  1. Frame layout is reasonable, center of gravity center, reduce energy waste
  2. Use mature and stable GEP-KHX5 frame, strong and fall – resistant, all 3k carbon plate
  3. Use SPAN F4 Tower, stable and simple
  4. The GEPRC team carefully calibrated the PID to ensure reliability and stability, and the binding flew
  5. High efficiency GR2306 2450kv motor, with GEP5040 propeller, achieve perfect output
  6. Use the Pagoda2 antenna to determine the image quality
  7. Runcam Swift 2 lens for clarity
  8. Blhelis 40A ESC ensures power output
  9. VTX 5.8g, Power 0/25/200/600mw can select


  • 1x Elegant BNF/PNP Quad
  • 10x GEP5040-3 Propeller
  • 3x Battery strap
  • 1x Spare Arms
  • 2x Pagoda2 RHCP MMCX Antenna(1pcs installed)
  • 1x Frsky R-XSR Receiver(ONLY BNF)



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