Crocodile 7 PRO


Long Range FPV




We are pleased to introduce you to long range version BNF/PNP Crocodile 7, It use new frame GEP-LC7 building and can use 6inch or 7inch propeller.

Flight controller and ESC use new design SPAN PRO BL32 50A F4.Support 6S Lipo battery.VTX power can use 800mW, Adjustable Pit/ 25/100/200/600/800mw, Meet long range requirements.

GR2306 1600KV motor and DALPROP T7056C propeller and 6S 2200mAh battery is best efficiency. Flytime time can 7 minutes.

We have two version can choice. GEP-LC7-1080P and GEP-LC7-PRO, The difference is the camera. If you choice 1080P version so got the 1080P video, If you choice PRO version, Camera use Runcam Micro Swift so your need buy gopro.

Tuned by the GEPRC team at the time of delivery, you can fly with confidence.



  • Model:Crodocile 7
  • Frame:GEPRC GEP-LC7
    • Motor to motor: 315mm
    • The thickness of the bottom plate: 2.5mm
    • The thickness of the top plate: 2.5mm
    • The thickness of the arm plate:5mm
  • Motors:GEPRC GEP-GR2306 1600Kv
  • SPAN PRO F4 BL32 50A Tower
    • Flight controller: Betaflight F4 OMNIBUS
    • ESC: BLHeli_S 50A 3-6S Dshot1200
    • VTX:5.8G VTX (PIT/25/100/200/600/800mW)
  • Camera:Runcam Micro Swift
  • Propeller: DALPROP T7056C
  • GPS:BN-220
  • Antenna:Pagoda II RHCP
  • Input voltage:6S Lipo
  • Receiver:Frsky R9mm/XM+
  • Weight:460g(without battery)
  • Flying weight:820g(with 6s 2200mAh battery)
  • Flyting time:minutes(6S-2200mAh) /  8minutes(6S-2600mAh)

You might need the following equipment to fly

  • Remote control: You can choose: Frsky X9d or something like that
  • Goggle: Such as FatShak V2 or something like that
  • Battery: The recommends using the 6S 2200mAh battery. Professional flying professionals recommend 6S 2600mAh



  1. Using the latest SPAN PRO F4 BL32 50A Tower, 32Bit ESC,Easy install and stable
  2. No propeller shadows in view,Best picture quality, suitable for film
  3. Integrated GPS, support for Betaflight’s rescue mode
  4. Runcam Micro Swift
  5. GEPRC GEP-LC frame, all 3K carbon fiber plate, strong and durable.
  6. GEP-GR2306 1600kv motor and DALPROP T7056C propeller and 6S 2200mAh battery can do best efficiency
  7. Choice R9mm+R9m version Support long range fpv and has other version choice
  8. High quality TPU printing fixed
  9. Exquisite installation technology
  10. Tuned by the GEPRC team at the time of delivery, you can fly with confidence.


  • 1x GEP-LC7-PRO  Quad


Additional information

Dimensions 300 x 200 x 100 mm

Frsky R9mm, Frsky R9mm+R9M, Frsky XM+, PNP(No receiver)


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