Why do we have to develop this frame? We often think, how can I make a good performance, firm structure, is suitable for racing, also can very good complete freestyle action frame, we also have reference on the market some of the design of a good frame, we also have a try, continuous improvement, constantly thinking. Eventually, we make we think that is fine rack. The advantage of the rack will be introduced in detail below.

GEP-ZX using 3K carbon plate + aluminum alloy fastener. There are 3 kinds of wheelbase. GEP-ZX5:190MM, GEP-ZX4:170MM, GEP-ZX6:225MM. Frame all adopt 90 degree square X structure. The advantage is that the aircraft can fly in any direction flexible. The machine arm using 4MM 3K carbon plate thickness, width of only 14MM, to ensure the minimum drag. 2MM thickness is adopted on the upper plate and the upper plate of the fuselage main board and the upper plate, and the upper plate is made of 1.5mm thickness. One aluminum alloy fixings four machine arm, aluminum alloy piece is fixed the machine arm double strong and detachable arm machine, fast random replacement, extremely Crashworthiness. We finally chose to put the battery in the bottom of the fuselage, because the design of the camera position will be higher, if the battery in the lower body, the balance performance will be better. Camera positions we are very clever use of the fixed part, the angle can be adjusted, the maximum angle of 60 degrees, so that it is very good compatible with Runcam camera or GoPro camera.



Weight:100g(include Aluminum parts)
Wheelbase:190MM 5’’
Arms board:4mm
Main board:2mm
Other board:1.5mm


Flight Controller:F3 /Naze32/ CC3D
Motor: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
Battery:  3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh


  1. 3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the framework is strong
  2. Thanks to one piece of aluminum, The arm is stronger. Quick changing arm
  3. 5inch wheelbase only 190mm,very small
  4. This is “X” layout, Between each arm is 90 degrees. Each direction is very flexible
  5. The wind resistance is very small, but stay strong
  6. Forward direction can be selected
  7. The structure is strong, beautiful and light weight (100g, including all fixed parts).
  8. Motor position widened, better protection of motor
  9. Camera angle adjustable, adjustable 60 degrees
  10. The lens comes with fixed film, for the market of 95% CCD fixed lens