This is a frame designed for Freestyle, called “Mark2”. 

GEP-KX5 Elegant

GEP-KX5 is wished to be designed as a rack which is quite elegant and graceful. This is the reason why it is named as “Elegant”.

GEP-TSX5 Viper

GEP-TSX5 is made of 3K Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame plates and the Grand 12.9 YFS screw. 

GEP-MX3 Sparrow

The sparrow, yes, he is called the sparrow. The sparrow is small all-sided.

GEP-HX2 Hummingbird

Hummingbird, Small body, Speed and agility!


This is GEP – LSX5, Leopard(GEP-LX) derivatives, ‘S’ mean is stretching. This is more suitable for competition.

GEP-LX5 Leopard

This is the GEP-LX, also called ‘Leopard’, There are three kinds of specifications respectively.


New GEP – Mark 1 is a multifaceted perfect FPV four axis fly frame, with high performance of Freestyle flying and excellent ability of racing. 

GEP-IX5 Fairy

GEP-IX5, called “Fairy”. “Fairy” is suitable for racing, the “True X” structure, wheelbase only the 200mm,  the 5 inch props.


This frame is GEP-AX5, called ‘AirBus’. There are 3 kinds of wheelbase: 4 inch(180mm), 5 inch(215mm), 6 inch(250mm).

GEP-TX5 Chimp

This we all call him Chimp, model is GEP-TX.there are 3 versions of optional, 4 inch (wheelbase 180mm), 5 inch (wheelbase 210mm), 6 inch (wheelbase 230mm)

GEP-RX5 Hawk

This is the Hawk, The model name is GEP-RX5. Wheelbase 210mm, can be used for 5 inch propeller. “True X”Structure.


The arm is fixed with aluminum alloy parts, Removing and installing is very easy. High strength fixation ,very nice


Why do we have to develop this frame? We often think, how can I make a good performance


Yes, small models. Wheelbase 130mm. We made the small frame into the “X” structure.