Drone manual:

Remote Controller Manual:

Old GEPRC GR8 Remote Controller

New TinyRadio GR8 Remote Controller

Note: Must be GEP-12A-F4 AIO FC with BMI 270/42688 gyro, New TinyRadio GR8 Controller can be used, If it is 42688 Gyro, just change the angle to 0 or 90

TAKER F411 12A AIO, please use the following CLI

TAKER F411 8Bit 12A AIO ELRS version

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There are several interesting and practical Tips about (tinygo Kit). Please learn from those by heart and share your experience to us. 1.#1 The sticks on the GR8 radio are adjustable. Increasing the stick length will increase the amount of "resolution". Since these are not full sized gimbals I find the throttle to be a little too sensitive for beginners. Adjusting this alone should help to tame that to some degree. 2.#2 The receiver on the runcam version is "mounted" (not really mounted, just wedged between the vtx and canopy). I like the clean look of this installation method... but it makes removing the canopy unnecessarily difficult. Additionally, I do not like the close proximity of both the receiver and transmitter (vtx). I actually had issues with this arrangement until I moved the receiver to a more conventional location as seen on every other GEPRC 79mm quad. 3. #3 Do NOT power up goggles without antennas connected. You may have noticed the base of the antennas become warm after use. This is because the antennas act as a heat sink. Without antennas the goggles video receiver will burn up. This is a beginner kit and beginner's may not know they can "burn up" the googles without antennas connected. By doing this I believe you will save yourselves from unnecessary service tickets and "warranty" claims. 4 #4 The VTX is set to 200mw (max setting) as GERPC default. Do NOT let this quad sit "on the bench" for extended periods of time without additional cooling (fan blowing on it) or you can reduce the power settings. 25mw actually works fine for me in the house. The obsession with upgrading antennas to improve video performance is something I see often. If you want to do this you NEED to upgrade both google AND quad antennas. Common upgrade is circular polarized antennas. But keep in mind this WILL add weight to your quad and affect performance. 5 #5 Tinygo 4k users.... buy some tweezers. That is what you are going to need to easily insert and remove the SD card from the DVR. Unless you have toothpick sized fingers. Same issue on the Thinking P16 4K version because it uses the same canopy and Caddx Loris Camera. I mean you guys do realize you essentially (Jake Styles) bought a P16 with 1102 10000kv motors instead of 1103kv 8000kv motors. Otherwise, it is the same quad apart from the foam on the frame and lack of xt30 battery plug. So it is a QUALITY quad... Just saying. Furthermore: I am seeing quite a few issues regarding the tinygo. Particularly, camera/vtx issues. A couple tips here. #1 Your quad is not a lawnmower. I have seen quite a few pics with the tinygo covered in grass clippings. Realize there is moisture/water in grass clippings and other vegetation. This is not good. Especially with the close proximity of the vtx and fc on 4k version. Beyond the moisture issue... you are covering the components of these boards with debris that does not allow them to dissipate heat as well. See below for more tips/advice.. 1. Solutions... #1 Stop landing in grass. Get a landing pad. #2 For the love... clean your quad. Maybe bring a can of air with you so you can at least blow off a majority of the clippings etc before powering the quad back up. And this is the hardest solution... #3 Stop crashing. This would probably resolve 50% of the problems. 2.Tip #2 Since most of the issues seem to be related to video image I will cover this next. A lot of these are sent out with the VTX cranked to the maximum of 200mw. Why? because some people would complain about range otherwise. But if you just leave the quad sitting on the bench (not flying) there is a lot of heat building up since the vtx is on max power. The solution... pitmode. But then beginners will complain their video is not working properly. Not realizing when they arm it will return to "normal". So the tip here is to learn how this works. Set it to max and don't let it sit while powered on for extended periods of time, reduce the power setting, or enable pit mode. 3.Tip #3 Stop landing in dirt. Refer to tip #2 (get a landing pad). There are many conductive minerals in "dirt". The motors have magnets which attracts these minerals into the motors. Not good... as they are abrasive, if nothing else. 4. Tip #4 Last tip for this series... if this is your only quad, stop messing around in betaflight unless you truly know what you are doing. And for the love... do NOT update the firmware. 5.I hope you enjoyed my tips. Maybe they might help avoid some common issues that may otherwise keep you grounded? Send it!