Something you should know in FPV

Set Ground Station

If you are new in the FPV,well,the following document will tell you what is Ground Station and how to use it.

This document is very suitable for novices, to help you better know FPV

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When you get your drone and transmitter,you may ask,how can I use the transmitter control my drone

The tutorial is as follows

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OSD VTX parameter regulation

If you’re outdoors and you don’t have a computer around you,good news,OSD can also complete the work of parameter regulation.

It can be used with simple settings on BF and vtx.

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GPS and Rescue mode

When your drone beyond your transmitter range or VTX signal loss,You may use rescue mode.


Rescue mode is not 100% reliable,please control the drone manually in time after obtaining the control right

How to Install GPS and setting rescue mode >>>Click here to view

GPS rescue mode explain >>>Click here to view

Import parameter to drone

If you buy a drone in GEPRC,we will provide you best CLI for drone you buy.

The following will show you how to import the CLI


You can find the CLI in

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upgrade firmware

As the title says,teach you how to upgrade firmware

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Propeller installation

It’s a simple thing to install propeller, but novice don’t think so.

The tutorial is as follows

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Beep explan

Sometimes,your buzzer or ESC will beep,but what does those voices mean?

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