The Common Problems Of VTX And Solution

Weak signal?No signal at a distance of 1m? #

  1. Check your VTX whether turn on the PIT Mode
    Solution:Connect the FC with BF,into the VTX interface and turn off the PIT Mode

Short distance of VTX #

  1. Check the antenna of VTX whether have good connection,if the distance of remove antenna is same as antenna not remove,then means antenna damaged.
    Solution:Change a new antenna
  2. Shake the antenna and check whether have sound,if have sound that means the crash make antenna have damaged.
    Solution:Change a new antenna
  3. Check the power of VTX
    Solution:Increase the VTX power
  4. Wrong Channel
    Solution:Make VTX receiver have same Channel with VTX

Blurred and black Screen #

Blurred screen

Check the VTX whether inlet water and whether drop parts.Seriously crashed maybe cause the VTX bad work.

Solution:Change or repair the VTX

Black screen

Check the FPV Camera whether work.

Connect the VTX (video) cable with the FPV Camera (cam) cable,avoid the FC,If image normal,then means FC have damaged,please change your FC.

Solution:Change or repair the FC

The full screen is full of symbols,OSD have wrong display #

Solution:Open BF,into the OSD interface,upgrade font file,select a font and update.

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