New to Betaflight and Never Have Whoop Drone

This manual is really important for newbies, if you have never used Betaflight or Whoop drones before.

Please do not change the settings or reflash the firmware unless you indeed know what you do.

Just follow the steps below and get your drone in the air. If you occurs a error, please tell us the step you could go forward in the tickets.

Step 1. Binding your radio transmitter.

Here is the manual for binding. How to Bind the Radio Transmitter

Here is some frequenct mistakes that noobs will occur in the step.

1) Confirm the version of FC boards in your drone and follow the right binding procedure.

2) Set the correct protocol mode in your radio transmitter. Like D8 for Frsky radio transmitters, AFHDS 2A for Flysky radio transmitters.

3) Re-power the drone and your radio transmitter when binding completes.

Step 2. Confirm the connection.

When you have finished the binding in step 1, please check the binding in Betaflight GUI receiver tab. Connect the drone to Betaflight GUI and go to the Receiver tab. Power on your radio transmitter. Then move the sticks on your radio. You could see the response in the columns then.

Make sure that the response is the same with your radio channel mapping. For example, if you push up the throttle stick on your radio, the “Throttle [T]” column will response and grow longer and other columns will not response. If the response is not correct, please choose the correct mapping mode according to your transmitter, like TAER1234 or  AETR1234. And hit the “save” button right bottom.

Here is some frequent mistakes that noobs will occur in this step.

1) Do not confirm the connection between the drone and radio transmitter.

2) Get a wrong channel map.

Step 3. Set the arm switches.

With Betaflight, MUST arm the drone before motors spin up.

For all the drones from BETAFPV, it is configured the AUX1 to arm in default. So you must have a switches mapping to the AUX1 in your radio transmitter first. For some radio transmitters, the AUX1 is mapping to swtiches in default. But for most of radio transmitter, you must set up this channel map by yourself. Please read the radio transmitter manual for help.

At last, please confirm that the arm switches is ready in the Betaflight GUI receiver tab. The method is the same as Step 2 above.

Step 4. Confirm the arm mode.

Now, go the Mode tab in Betaflight GUI and you could see the configuration below. Switch the switches that ready in step 3 and you could find the cursor changes position accordingly. If the gray backgroud could change to orange, it means the drone is armed and the motors will spin up when throttle up.

The image below shows that the drone is disarmed.

The images below shows that the drone is armed and could response to the control of the radio transmitter.

Here is the troubleshooting about “Can Not Arm“.

Step 5. Enjoy your flying.

Finally, if you have binded your radio transmitter and setup the arm swithes successfully, just insert the battery and put it on a level ground, power on your radio transmitter, arm it, and the motors will spin up. Enjoy your first Betaflight whoop drone.

Below is a basic walk-through video on hot to configure, connect and adjust flight controller and radio.

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