Advanced Configuration Guide

  • The BETAFPV flight controller boards come pre-flashed with Betaflight firmware and proper settings already set up. Also if you upgrade the firmware or reset settings, you will lose the settings and need to set them up again. There are 2 methods for you to setup configration, in Betaflight CLI commands or Betaflight GUI tab.

Betaflight CLI Commands #

Betaflight CLI commmands are the easiest way to configure the setting. No need to go to each tabs in GUI. Just copy the settings below and paste them into the CLI of your BetaFlight configurator, then click enter key in your keyboard. Done.

This is the stock configuration of BETAFPV  F3 EVO FC with Frsky Rx,  F3 FC with Frsky Rx and OSDF3 FC with DSMX Rx and OSD and F3 FC with OSD and no Rx.

set motor_pwm_protocol = BRUSHED
set use_unsynced_pwm = on
set motor_pwm_rate=16000
feature motor_stop
Map TAER1234
aux 0 0 0 1300 2100
aux 1 1 0 1300 2100

If you want to configure the settings in GUI one by one, you could read the manual below.

Receiver Settings #

For the F3 FC with Frsky Rx and OSD (V1.1), F3 EVO with Frsky Rx (V1.1) and F3 FC with DSMX Rx and OSD, the integrated receiver is connected via SBUS signal. You should configure the UART2 port to serial port in Ports tab. Then click the Save and Reboot button in the lower right corner.

Now in the Configuration tab, for Receiver Mode, choose Serial_based receiver (SPEKSAT, SBUS, SUMD); Serial Receiver Provider, choose SBUS. And click the Save and Reboot button in the lower right corner.
The native Frsky receiver is serial.

Following this manual to bind and connect your radio transmitter successfully.

Now got the the receiver tab, you will see the columns will response to your radio transmitter sticks. The receiver follow the normal channel mapping. Please choose the correct mapping mode according to your transmitter, like TAER1234 or  AETR1234.

ESC / Motor Settings #

Go to CLI tab and type this in

set motor_pwm_rate=16000

Please confirm the setting is correct if the motors spin up when battery is plugged in.

Still in Configuration tab, ESC/Motor protocol, click and select BRUSHED, switch on MOTOR_STOP(optional).


Flight Modes and Arm #

Defaulty, we will use the switch on chanel 5 (AUX1) to arm. Please check whitch switch is response to the AUX1 in your radio transmitter in the Receiver tab first.

Most pilots will prefer to fly in ANGLE mode as it is full stabilization, no flips, ideal for first time pilots.

If you have problem to arm the motors, please go to “Troubleshooting – Can Not Arm” for more details.

Other Manuals or Videos #

This is a video by Benedikt (from Micro Motor Warehouse, MMW) about how to flash and configure BetaFlight. It is very useful for newbie to Betaflight.

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