GoPro8 Naked

Use and Set Manual

GEPRC GoPro8 Naked Manual

About Product

1.Because it's a lite version and mainly for quadcopter,when you need to start the recording,the quadcopter should take off immediately for cooling

2.Do not connect the wrong positive and negative,or will burn down the product

Warranty Policy:

It is well-known that the particularity of the Naked Camera, We won’t support the request of return and exchange after you received the Camera for more than 3 days, but we still provide compensable service. All Camera have been strict testing and quality certification. Please following the manual carefully and avoiding man-made damage.

1.Why the naked camera automatically turn off?

When GoPro start to recording that need to dissipated heat,otherwise the main board will stop recording cause of high temperature.

So It's better to take off within 40 seconds after arming .

2.Why I can not activate my naked camera ?

When connected the battery,Check whether the LED in the upper left corner of the front is flashing red.If red LED flash means GoPro is opened. Please press the start button immediately.