About us

I’ve been in love with FPV since I first came across it, yes, FPV (First Person View) is very exciting and I’m in love with it. I started flying with FPV drone at the end of 2011, initially flying with a fixed wing with a map and camera. I have witnessed the rapid development of the FPV industry. I still enjoy that today. We have slowly grown from a small team to a team of over 100 people and we are committed to providing pilots with high quality drones. Drones are gradually integrated into life from personal hobbies, whether you like racing, freestyle, cinematic shots, or need a drone for commercial shooting purposes, we can also meet you needs. We firmly believe in the bright future of the entire FPV industry.


To be the pioneer of FPV drone intelligence

Flying has always been a human dream, and we are no exception. We hope to satisfy young people’s dream of flying for many years, so we are established. Through years of experience accumulation, we have developed a variety of products, and we are committed to creating high-quality FPV drones and parts to help more people get into the FPV hobby and enjoy the fun of flying

Future Outlook

The development of technology often leads to the disruption of the industry. In the future, we think there are many products that can be developed. For example, frames are lighter weight and stronger structure, motors are higher efficiently, VTX image clarity and transmission distance are qualitatively improved, flight controller systems are more intelligent, etc.

We are confident in the FPV industry! Let’s wait and see!